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postheadericon ADD online homeschooling

Many parents turn to WiloStar3D looking for a way to more fully engage their ADD child while homeschooling online. It can be a long road trying to find the best approach when looking at all the online homeschooling curriculum choices. WiloStar3D uses an interactive approach that has a fully accredited core academics behind it. Students with ADD are more fully engaged using custom avatars that compliment the curriculum. Instead of just reading about the body, students can teleport themselves right into the human blood stream a-la- Fantastic Voyage and really immerse themselves into what they are reading and learning about! Leveraging that creative spark with ADD students helps reignite the fires and helps them hone in on what they are learning.

Educational research has shown that many students with ADD are visual learners. The WiloStar3D online homeschooling program for ADD students has been carefully crafted to address visually oriented learners. The creative aspect of the immersive learning curriculum imprints differently on their brains and with over a decade of success, has helped countless students with ADD succeed again academcially!

postheadericon Choosing an Online Homeschooling Program

Interactive Homeschool Classes

Attend class in an online interactive 3D campus!

So you have been searching the Internet for months now trying to find the best approach  for your homeschooler and you are going crazy! There are hundreds if not thousands of choices out there now and increasingly, it’s hard to weed you way through all the online homeschooling programs. So what are the best things to consider when weighing all your options?

1. Consider if your student craves live interactive class meetings or does better in an independent study format.

    2. Are you looking for certified teachers to handle the teaching and grading of your student’s online homeschooling program? Review the program’s Website to make sure you understand the role of the teacher vs. the role of the parent. Many online homeschooling programs provide teacher grading but it can vary drastically from program to program.

3.Find out what kind of online curriculum the school provides. Is it an accredited homeschool program?  Is it interactive or do they ship out curriculum supplies and books? Again, be sure you understand the expectations of the online homeschooling program before you take the leap into this kind of approach to homeschooling. Pick up the phone and call the schools to talk to a ‘real’ person! If the school does a poor job at making you feel comfortable over the phone, chances are they will be lacking in providing a good level of interaction online.

    4.Read reviews on the online homeschooling program and find out what real parents are saying. There is no better way to find out about the inner workings of a homeschool program than to talk to actual parents and students who have been involved. The more you do your own homework, the better prepared you are for an enriched educational experience online.

postheadericon The Disconnect Between the Traditional Classroom and Modern Reality

child with blackberry
Entering a traditional classroom, I am often taken aback. I can’t help but wonder: How is this going to prepare our kids to live and work in today’s technology-focused world?

Sitting at their little desks, listening to lectures, memorizing facts in preparation for tests, are we giving them the skills needed to compete in today’s world? Will they feel comfortable using technology? Will they be able to think for themselves, solve problems, innovate? Will they lead, or will they always follow?

There are, of course, natural leaders among us – those who will think for themselves and lead no matter what. But what about the students who need a little push in the right direction in order to reach their full potential? Aren’t we robbing them of vitally important skills when we stick with traditional teaching methods that worked 50 years ago, but may not be the best methods today?

To be ready for today’s world, our children need to feel 100% comfortable using technology. Technology can’t be something they experience once a week in a special computer class. It must be an integral part of the curriculum. Furthermore, students need to learn to be creative, to think independently, to ask questions and to solve them.

Memorizing skills are simply not needed in today’s world. With free, easy access to information, the skills that are needed are not memorizing information but rather knowing where to find it, how to access it, and how to best process it, applying it to solve problems.

Frustrated with the huge disconnect between the traditional classroom and today’s reality, many of our parents have chosen online homeschooling as a way to ensure their child is ready for the future. We encourage you to do the same.

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