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Many parents turn to WiloStar3D looking for a way to more fully engage their ADD child while homeschooling online. It can be a long road trying to find the best approach when looking at all the online homeschooling curriculum choices. WiloStar3D uses an interactive approach that has a fully accredited core academics behind it. Students with ADD are more fully engaged using custom avatars that compliment the curriculum. Instead of just reading about the body, students can teleport themselves right into the human blood stream a-la- Fantastic Voyage and really immerse themselves into what they are reading and learning about! Leveraging that creative spark with ADD students helps reignite the fires and helps them hone in on what they are learning.

Educational research has shown that many students with ADD are visual learners. The WiloStar3D online homeschooling program for ADD students has been carefully crafted to address visually oriented learners. The creative aspect of the immersive learning curriculum imprints differently on their brains and with over a decade of success, has helped countless students with ADD succeed again academcially!

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